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Refrigeration and Environmental Systems (RES) is a full service Dunham-Bush representative. In addition, we are an authorized compressor warranty station providing factory startups and all factory labor warranty repairs. Our inventory includes a full complement of repair and replacement Dunham-Bush products and parts. Dunham-Bush has a license and agreement with Danfoss Turbocor® Technology to include these magnetic bearing compressors in their chillers which makes the Dunham-Bush chillers great for industrial process applications.


Panasonic HVAC

Since the founding of Panasonic Corporation in 1918, the management philosophy behind all of our activities has driven us to contribute, through our business operations, to the improvement of people’s lives and the progress of society. We will always maintain this focus.
In 2018, Panasonic celebrates its 100th anniversary. As we prepare to greet a new century in business, the world is witnessing a major turning point in society and in the way we live. It is no longer practical to pursue extravagant lifestyles that consume large amounts of resources and energy.

We need to create new value for a new way of living that minimizes the burden we place on the environment, while raising everyone’s standard of living. This is our mission: to create new lifestyle values.

Panasonic complete air conditioning solutions– including hardware, software, and service– enhance the spaces where people live and work. Panasonic is a worldwide known manufacturer with a strong presence in VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology. Through this offering, we are committed to delivering A Better Life, A Better World to every customer.

Superior Rex


RES offers HVAC replacement chill water, hot water, steam, and booster coils through Superior Rex. All coils are ARI certified and available with a 15 day standard lead time or an emergency 5-10 day lead time. 

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