• Low Temperature Chillers

Low Temperature Chillers

Low Temp Chiller RES RentalOur low temperature chiller selections are capable of delivering minus 15F fluids at flow rates to 400 GPM.  These chillers come with a double wall insulated pump tank combination which can accommodate two separate flow rates, each at the needed FT HD pressure levels.  RES can custom engineer your pump tank combination from design to fabrication.  Our full fabrication shop is ready for customization projects.  

Refrigeration and Environmental Systems has a “no spill” policy.  Reactors and vessels, in low temp applications, are often cooled by the use of secondary fluids such as glycols, calcium chloride or other engineered fluids.  These fluids are toxic to humans and the environment. Our low point drains on the fittings and hoses provide containment basins for applications where brine or other toxins are required to prevent freezing.

See the hose drawing below for the “no spill” layout.


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