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250,000 BTU to 500 HP - Preview

250,000 BTU to 500 HP

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RES boiler rentals can respond with a variety of sizes.  Whether you are heating a multi-unit property or heating a remote industrial process, our experienced boiler rental staff can help you with your rental boiler/heater needs.

RES can help you with all of your boiler rentals, whether it’s a planned event or an “Emergency Boiler Rental”, RES will provide the best solution for your current industrial processing need. Contact us for a quote by calling 817-857.9600.


  • 250,000 BTU to 500 HP
  • Mounted on skids and trailers, ready for immediate delivery
  • Condensate transfer systems
  • Expansion tanks
  • Pre-piped for a single-point connection
  • Pre-wired for a single-point connection
  • Stainless-steel corrugated and braided flexible hose
  • Steam Boiler and Hot Water Boiler Plants available

Available Types of Rental Boilers:

  • High-pressure steam boilers, Trailer and Skid Mounted
  • Low-pressure steam boilers, Trailer and Skid Mounted
  • Domestic water-heating boilers
  • Hot water boiler Plants, Trailer and Skid Mounted
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers are available for, heat pump systems, domestic water and dual-purpose applications
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