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Air Cooled Chiller Available for Rent Tonnage from 10-400 tons - Preview

Air Cooled Chiller Available for Rent Tonnage from 10-400 tons

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Air Cooled Chillers

Anywhere, anyplace, anytime. We have trailer-mounted chiller plants available when you need them. A variety of equipment sizes allow RES to fit your industrial processing chiller needs.  We are experts in delivery, installation, set-up, and removal. Our portable air-cooled and water cooled chillers offer the best combination of efficiency, costs, and sustainability.  
All necessary accessories are available per your specific requirements, including:

  • Electrical power cables
  • Factory processors for the handling of low and varying loads
  • Flexible hose with quick connectors
  • Pumps and tanks
  • Generators
  • Multiple compressor with dual refrigeration circuits for redundancy

Typical uses for our rental chillers:

  • Large office buildings
  • Processing industries, such as
    • Concrete
    • Chemical plants
    • Plastic manufacturing
  • Equipment failures or power outages
  • Supplemental cooling for high volume applications, such as refineries or power stations

Standard features of our Portable Chillers:

  • Quick setup and installation
  • Built and designed for harshest of industrial and commercial settings
  • Environmentally friendly chillers that use containment dikes
  • Trailer-mounted ready for quick delivery

For every industrial cooling requirement you have, RES has a solution. Air cooled chillers are used in a variety of process cooling applications used in industrial applications, such as plastics extrusion, injection mold cooling, plating & anodizing cooling, food process cooling, and many others. Air-cooled chillers are the perfect machine for jobs that require a closed-loop system to prevent any environmental debris from mixing in with the process water. Water contamination can ruin a plastic product and your profit. Our air-cooled chiller can save you dramatically by reducing product loss.  

Our reliable air and water-cooled scroll chillers will provide you with all the cooling you need.  


Whatever the situation,

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